What are the system requirements for PrinTao 8?

PrinTao 8 requires a Mac with macOS 10.9 to 10.15 as well as a supported printer.

What are the hardware requirements for PrinTao 8?

4GB of RAM are required, 8GB are highly recommended.
We also recommend at least 300MB of free disk space.

Photoshop CC 2019 does not show the PrinTao 8 Plug-In.

When upgrading to a new generation, Photoshop does not automatically move the installed plug-ins to the new version.

Upcoming installation files for PrinTao 8 will take this into account and install the plug-in in Photoshop CC 2019 as well.

It is also possible to manually move the plug-in. Therefore, the entry can simply be copied or moved from an older Photoshop installation into the plug-in directory of the current version.
The plug-ins folder is located directly in the installation folder of the respective Photoshop version, for example:
For Windows:
C:/Applications/Photoshop CC 2019/Plug-ins
For macOS:
/Applications/Photoshop CC 2019/Plug-ins

Does PrinTao 8 support my printer?

Please check our official lists of supported printers:
– for Epson devices
– for Canon devices

PrinTao8 is always individually tailored to each device and only supports the listed printers.
This lists will be updated as soon as additional printers become supported.

Which file formats are supported in PrinTao 8?

PrinTao 8 currently supports the following file formats:
.jpg, .tif, .gif, .bmp, .ico, .png, .psd, .pdf, .sgi, .tga, .xbm, .sgi

How to add printers in PrinTao 8?

How to activate PrinTao 8?

– After purchasing, you will receive a license file with your order confirmation email. Safe this file anywhere on your hard disk drive, on your desktop for example.
– Start the PrinTao 8 application. A start screen featuring a grey field labeled “Drop your license file here” will open.
– Just drag the license file from your desktop or Finder to that grey field.

How do I add additional Paper types?

The PrinTao 8 Media Manager allows you to add additional papers.
Simply select the media you would like to install from the Available papers list and click Install.

Media Manager EN

This feature requires an active Internet connection.
When new paper types become available, they will automatically be listed in your PrinTao8 Media Manager.

How do I know when to select matte or glossy ink?

All papers have been profiled using the ink proposed by the manufacturer. When printing, this information is sent to your printer. The printer will automatically use the correct ink for your selected paper. Printers which require a manual ink cartridge change will show a warning message and wait until the ink cartridge has been changed.


Those printers which change between glossy and matte ink will use ink to clean the print system. This is a hardware function and can not be controlled by PrinTao 8. A warning message has to be confirmed at the device display. Please plan your print jobs carefully to limit ink costs and protect the environment.