The PrinTao 8 Start-Pilot is a great help to intuitively create a new document with just a few mouse clicks. Select paper type, print media size and output quality right before layouting your images.

Intuitive User Interface

PrinTao 8 combines all tools and features required for professional printing in a single program window. As a result, handling the software is uniquely intuitive and clearly structured.

Print images from different sources

PrinTao 8 offers direct access from its main window to existing iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom libraries as well as to other local photo folders through the Finder.

New paper type profiles

With PrinTao 8 any complicated import of paper type profiles from printer or paper manufacturers becomes obsolete. An automatically updated online database makes the profile installation for new papers really easy.

Resolution under control

The unique resolution slider control shows immediately to any adjustment whether the resolution of an image is sufficient for the selected printing size.

Arrangement for fewest cuts

The “Best Cut” algorithm arranges the images for a quick and comfortable cutting. This means to have the fewest possible manual cuts using a cutting machine.

Arrangement for minimal paper usage

The “Best Fit” algorithm calculates a layout that arranges all images in an efficient and space saving way – this will save valuable paper, and thus money.

Printing multiple images simultaneously

Unlike any manufacturer print software, PrinTao 8 enables to easily print multiple images on a single page – without requiring further dedicated layout software.