Intuitive User Interface

Everything at hand

Mediathek (1), metadata of a selected image (2), central working area (3) and tools (4), everything is clearly and intuitively combined in a single window. The user interface therefore is always tidy and well-arranged.

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Create new documents easily and quickly

The PrinTao 8 Start-Pilot makes creating new documents especially easy. Select printer model, paper type, print media size and paper feed with just a few mouse clicks.

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Smart Media Integration

All your image sources made available

PrinTao 8 offers direct access from its main window to existing iPhoto®, Aperture® and Lightroom® libraries as well as to other local photo folders.

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Color Management

Built-in Color Management

Built in precision

PrinTao 8’s ICC color management is based on one of the best color engines in the world with special focus on accuracy and performance.

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Template Engine

Perfect results in minutes

PrinTao 8 offers a great selection of built in templates. Ranging from Grid and Pack templates to building your own. State of the art nesting algorithms help to get the most out of your paper.

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Pack Templates

Automatically arranging images in different sizes

The Pack templates are designed for portrait photographers.

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Gallery Wrap Templates

For printing on canvas to be stretched on a frame

The Gallery Wrap templates add borders to the images to be wrapped around the canvas stretchers. PrinTao 8 offers numerous options to set up these wrapping borders.

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Queue Manager

Queue Manager

Intuitive printer queue management

The Queue Manager allows to overview the printer queues of all installed printers, to manage individual print jobs and to change their order.

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“Best Cut” mode

Requires the fewest amount of cuts

In “Best Cut” mode PrinTao 8 arranges all images in a way requiring the fewest amount of cuts to cut them all.

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“Best Fit” mode

Perfect arrangement – Lower printing costs

In “Best Fit” mode all images are arranged to require the least amount of paper.

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Resolution under control

No expensive missprints anymore

The unique Resolution Slider control, which is displayed near the bottom of any selected image, indicates whether the resolution of an image is sufficient for the actual printing size.

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Media Manager

Expand paper type selection without effort

Managing paper type profiles from different paper manufacturers is really comfortable using PrinTao 8.

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Manual Cut Mode

Cut marks for individual passepartouts

Using PrinTao 8 – an appropriate printer with roll paper capabilities assumed – you can manually specify where cuts should be applied.

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Frames and Guidelines

Aligning images exactly

PrinTao 8 features guidelines to which images snap for supporting you with image arrangement on Free templates.

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Printer Assistant

Install new printers automatically

The Printer Assistant automatically detects any connected and supported printer. Driver data is downloaded and installed automatically.

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Photoshop & Lightroom

Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

This plug-ins allow you to print optimized Photoshop images and images from your Lightroom library with PrinTao 8.

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