PrinTao 8 is printing software for anyone, who wants to achieve high-quality photographic prints from his printer. Easy handling and automatic color management settings, which are adjusted by the software, will help even beginners to quickly get to the perfect print.

PrinTao 8’s innovative Start-Pilot ensures to avoid many error sources, which normally may occur due to the very complex printing management. Thus, expensive and annoying misprints are prevented.

No matter whether you are using PrinTao 8 in private or business, PrinTao 8 increases your printing efficiency and saves ink, paper and time – and eventually your money. This makes PrinTao 8 particularly interesting for the following user groups:

  • Ambitious Amateur Photographers
  • Professional Photographers
  • Fine Art Printers
  • Copy Shops
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Picture Framers
  • Museums
  • Industry
  • Portrait Studios