PrinTao 8

the new, fast, safe, color consistent, effective and high-quality printing solution

PrinTao 8 is a completely new printing solution for everyone, who wants high-quality prints on a simple and efficient way. Concentrate completely on your images and ignore complicated printer driver and color management settings! Focus on the essentials and achieve prints in unprecedented brilliance. PrinTao 8 is inexpensive, yet professional printing featuring an intuitive user interface for everybody.

Directly after starting, the Start-Pilot will guide through the most important settings. Within seconds, printer, paper type and format selection is done. Drag and drop images directly to the PrinTao document. For easy image selection, access iPhoto®, Lightroom® and Aperture® libraries directly within PrinTao 8. PrinTao 8 means printing in perfection.

PrinTao 8 is modern and efficient:

  • PrinTao 8 is a true 64bit Cocoa application for macOS 10.9 to 10.15
  • PrinTao 8 takes full advantage of multi-core processors
  • PrinTao 8’s ICC color management is based on one of the best color engines in the world with special focus on accuracy and performance.
  • Modern user experience that follows the Apple OS X User Interface Guidelines
  • PrinTao 8 nests, rotates and refits images based on “Best fit” or “Best cut”
  • Handling is easy and work is done faster
  • Common tasks are more intuitive
  • PrinTao 8 saves real money because it minimizes the paper used for each job by its advanced nesting algorithm
  • No page length limitation (tested up to 100 feet)
  • Double cut feature will give true borderless printing by automatically cutting upper and lower image ends in the printing sequence

PrinTao 8 is fast:

  • Quick and intuitive access to iPhoto®, Aperture®, Lightroom® libraries from the built-in image browser
  • Drag and drop any folder into the source list to add to library
  • Print multiple images at the same time
  • Align images automatically for easier cutting and saving of valuable paper
PrinTao 8 is simple:

  • PrinTao‘s Start-Pilot is an innovative tool for getting started easily. Additionally, prior print jobs are reused with just a few mouse clicks.
  • All features, tools and settings required for professional print results, are easy to handle by PrinTao’s well-arranged user interface
  • A unique resolution slider provides intuitive control and comforting safety if the original file provides sufficient output quality
  • Print more reliable than ever with just the settings you need – no more complicated printer driver options
  • All available paper media your printer supports are preinstalled, including ICC-profiles
  • Install additional third-party media like a pro without having to download bulky packages or ICC-profiles
  • Organize and store custom media settings and you will never have to start from scratch