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Effortless Professional Printing for the Mac

PrinTao 8 is a completely new printing solution for everyone, who wants high-quality prints on a simple and efficient way. Concentrate completely on your images and ignore complicated printer driver settings! Focus on the essentials and achieve prints in unprecedented brilliance. PrinTao 8 is inexpensive, yet professional printing featuring an intuitive user interface for everybody.

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iPhone meets Fine Art! Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to PrinTao 8 on your Mac. Get high-quality large format prints from your iPhone images.

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Testimonials – Latest Customer Opinions


After putting off learning PrinTao 8 thinking that I needed a lot of time, which I and many of us don’t seem to have these days, I finally got around to printing using PrinTao 8. To my amazement, I was making great looking prints immediately on my Epson 7900. The power and ease of use is tremendous! After loading our papers and profiles, this will be our only printing software. For mac users, I highly recommend PrinTao 8!
Tony Sweet, Nikon legend behind the lens, visual artistry workshop leader, seminar speaker, and author


Walt Cecil, specialist for antique oriental carpets, uses PrinTao 8 to provide color consistent prints to his customers. He is really enthusiastic about its easy handling and the excellent results.

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Frank Vena is a photographer with decades of experience in printing photos. For him, PrinTao 8 is a revolution, like a high-end RIP at a fraction of the cost. Complicated color management will be a thing of the past. (Frank’s website)

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Drew Hendrix – RED RIVER PAPER

My experience with PrinTao 8 and the Epson 3880 and 4900 has been excellent. It does a great job of reducing what we at Red River Paper call IRS, or Inkjet Related Stress. When I click the print button in PrinTao 8, I am quite certain the outcome will match my calibrated monitor. I am impressed by its integration with my Lightroom catalogs and print layout templates. I primarily shoot sports and sell a number of print packages. The print templates are just right for my needs.
Drew Hendrix, Vice President
 Red River Paper


If you run a Mac and your print on a big Epson, you know it’s just not easy. Well, now it is! The following video barely touches the surface of the power and ease of PrinTao 8! The gear featured in the video is PrinTao 8, Mac Retina and Epson 4900.

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Watch our movie introduction to get a glimpse of what you will be able to achieve with PrinTao 8 and your printer.

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